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Our Best Seller Lists of Pilates Books, Videos, and Pilates Pregancy

Feature Article  Pilates Philosophy?

Pilates Video Review:    Core Athletic Conditioning for Golf Level-1 by Personal Performance Programs LLC

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This magazine is the place to go for all your Pilates exercise information. As Pilates exercise grows in popularity, more and more people have questions about Pilates. This site is here for you to learn more about Pilates exercise and how it can change your life.

Every month we will have new articles and updates so you can be as informed as possible. To get free updates on monthly issues by email join our newsletter list.

Pilates exercise is all about form, proper physical and mental alignment . This Pilates web magazine seeks to help you achieve that alignment. Don’t just go through the motions. Get the most out of your Pilates exercise program.

Too many people do not have access to proper Pilates exercise instruction. Pilates Fitness Journal seeks to be the place you go to learn more about Pilates exercise and how you can better benefit from your practice.

Have you ever wondered what types of Pilates programs and exercises are out there? How does what you are doing rate? Are there any aspects or variations you might be missing? Is there a better cue that would help you get it right or better? Ever want a recommendation on a video or book? These are the types of questions we are here to explore and more. Come join us.

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Pilates Fitness Journal was founded and launched April 2003 by Kim Preveza.  She is an Internationally Certified Pilates Instructor and an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer.  At age eight, she began Pilates style physical therapy for scoliosis; in the late 80's she began a program for a "Pain Free Back" which was not called Pilates then but was a basic mat routine. She began studying weight training while getting her BA in college and later studied to become a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor.  Pilates Fitness Journal is her way of sharing the life changing exercise of Pilates.